NAS4Free replace dead ZFS pool drive

Had one drive just up and die recently and needed to replace is, but forgot the steps within the NAS4Free GUI. Fortunately I came across another site that had the answer I needed, in a much simpler and understandable format.

So I followed their guide using PuTTY, accessed my NAS and viola, drive is resilvering and should be good.

Here’s the link to follow.

Addendum: All is well after the re-silvering. Good luck.

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Three resources for reduced Internet and Computer help…

Thanks go to Kim Komando for highlighting these resources for help trimming your Internet bill. Here’s her site for the original source I got this from.

Comcast Internet Essentials
CenturyLink Internet Basics

There are some caveats though so view the details on each one to see if you qualify.


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Remove IE10 and IE9 from Windows 7

I recently had an instance where a Windows 7 workstation recently updated itself to Internet Explorer 10 overnight (as its likely to do) and when the client tried the following day to access the Internet using IE10, IE would just spin it’s wheels and never bring up the simplest page,

In another computer with the same problem I was able to uninstall IE10 from the Uninstall Updates in the Programs and Features within the Control Panel section. That resolved that computers IE lockup issue. However when I went to the same area to uninstall IE10, the entire Windows Updates section was missing. I had all the updates from the other products (adobe, office, .NET, etc…), but not the section I needed. So off to the Internet to find the answer. Continue reading

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