Outlook 2007 email reply or new messages inserts spaces after the apostrophe in contracted words.

When typing in the body of a new message, contracted words are getting spaces being put after the apostrophe. A word like can’t when typed, winds up appearing as “can’   t”. The moment the apostrophe is typed, the cursor jumps forward several spaces.

I’ve checked keyboard regional settings, auto correction options, default language, language formatting, compatibility options, and nothing has helped. The only way I’ve been able to work around it temporarily has been to use the ”,” in lieu of the apostrophe and then use spell check to correct it. All attempts at manual insertion of apostrophe at the correct location have resulted in the multiple spacing after the apostrophe.

After searching for about two weeks on the Internet while trying to formulate the question correctly, I came across what appeared to be the same problem as mine but no answer was given. It had to do with the users question regarding the Notebook stationery as stationary for her emails. I was using the same Notebook stationery. When the default stationery was changed to anything else, the quirky’ spacing issue went away. Upon reverting back to the Notebook stationery, the problem resumed. Also other forum references to Asian character sets and how the Asian character sets can insert weird spacing after the apostrophe, led me to question the fonts used.

Digging into my text I did find out that the apostrophe was being assigned a different font than the body of the message. For some reason my default font in the Notepad stationery was listed as Sans Serif, but there is no Sans Serif in my Windows fonts directory. When typing in the text it is in the font of Sans Serif. When an apostrophe is inserted or auto corrected, the font changes to Times New Roman. This change in the font is what does the appearance of double or triple spacing. Selecting the text and changing the font corrected for the apostrophe spacing issue.

Now to make it permanent. Tools, Options, Mail Format, Stationery and Fonts button is where you’ll find your theme. In my case Notebook. The font in Notebook is set to
“Use themes font”. Something in the default selection of the default font for Notebook is not correct. To fix this I chose “Always use my fonts” via the drop down button, and then defined the three font buttons with the font that I wanted to use. Click OK to save changes and test with a new email.

Problem overcome.


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6 Responses to Outlook 2007 email reply or new messages inserts spaces after the apostrophe in contracted words.

  1. SG says:

    this used to be bug me for a long long time . . . .

    thanks for your help . . . it worked!!!

  2. rader says:

    Your welcome. Drove me nuts for a while too.

  3. Marty Powers says:

    Perfect – worked for me with Outlook “Subject” line. In using an ‘ (apostrophe) I was getting a ?. Notepad had Lucinda as the font. Changed it to my default which is Calibri and it fixed it.

    THANKS !!

  4. Mike says:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! That was driving me insane!

  5. Jonathan D says:

    Just a note to thank you. This has been irritating me for a while and you’ve helped me solve the problem. Much appreciated. If you care to email me, I’ll be happy to make a small donation to the charity of your choice.

  6. rader says:

    Just the note of thanks is enough.
    I do this for my own remembrance and the hopes that it helps others.
    Really don’t like to find hard to find information all over again.
    If you still feel the need to donate, your favorite charity would be acceptable.


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