SBS 2011 Exchange Memory Usage Limits with side note for Exchange 2007

SBS 2011 Exchange Memory Usage Limits with side note for Exchange 2007

Limiting Exchange 2010 Database Cache

Limiting Exchange 2010 SP1 Database Cache

To get Exchange 2010 SP1 to honor the configured msExchESEparamCacheSizeMax value, we need to configure msExchESEparamCacheSizeMin as well. The location is identical, so consult the initial post on how to perform this step; where it reads msExchESEparamCacheSizeMax, and use msExchESEparamCacheSizeMin as well.

To ensure the ESE database has sufficient memory to work effectively, there is a required minimum amount of physical memory per server based on database count. These requirements apply to both active and passive database copies. See the following table for the requirements.

Required minimum memory per mailbox server

Database count        Exchange 2010 minimum required physical memory

  • 1-10               2 GB
  • 11-20             4 GB
  • 21-30             6 GB
  • 31-40             8 GB
  • 41-50             10 GB
  • 51-60             12 GB
  • 61-70             14 GB
  • 71-80             16 GB
  • 81-90             18 GB
  • 91-100           20 GB

1. Start ADSIEDIT.msc

1.5 Right-click ADSI Edit at top of left side menu, select Connect to…, choose Connection Point, Select a well known Naming contest: drop-down, Configuration, OK

ADSIEdit Connection Settings Dialog Box

ADSIEdit Connection Settings Dialog Box

2. Navigate to Configuration > Services > Microsoft Exchange > <Organization Name> > Administrative Groups > <Administrative Group> > Servers > <Server Name> > InformationStore

3. Right-click InformationStore, and edit msExchESEParamCacheSizeMax. Set it to the number of pages to maximize the Database Cache to

ADSIEdit InformationStore Properties Dialog Box

4. Restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service for the change to become effective.

So, for instance, if you want to limit the Database Cache to 4 GB of an Exchange 2010 server, set msExchESEparamCacheSizeMax to 131072 (4 GB = 4.194.304 KB / 32 KB). If you want to limit the Database Cache to 2 GB of an Exchange 2007 server, set msExchESEparamCacheSizeMax to 262144 (2 GB = 2.097.152 KB / 8 KB).

Math   ==>   Target Cache Size in GB = (# * 1024 * 1024) / 32

Target Cache Size in GB msExchESEParamCacheSize for 2011
(32KB pages)
msExchESEParamCacheSize for 2007
(8KB pages)
1 32768 131072
2 65536 262144
3 98304 393216
4 131072 524288
6 196608 786432
8 262144 1048576
10 327680 1310720
12 393216 1572864
14 458752 1835008
16 524288 2097152
18 589824 2359296
20 655360 2621440

If you need more memory allocated, you can do the math with the information provided.

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5 Responses to SBS 2011 Exchange Memory Usage Limits with side note for Exchange 2007

  1. Mathiau says:

    good info, appreciated

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  3. Euan Cooper says:

    Has anyone actually seen this work correctly?
    We certainly haven’t. An example …..
    SBS2011 server without any setting will after it has been running for a few hours be using 95-98% of available memory. This box has 20GB RAM
    Set min cache at 65536 (2GB) and max at 262144 (8GB) and restart the store. Some days later sever is only using 65% of physical memory with the store using 2GB of physical and 4GB of virtual – and the disk I/O significantly higher than prior to setting this.
    So setting this to “improve” the responsiveness of the SBS box has had little impact and instead of using the Max setting, the store is only using the min setting that has been defined.
    Have seen similar results on EVERY sbs2011 box where this has been done – restricting the memory used by exchange by settting a max and a min amount results in the store process only every using the min setting of physical RAM


  4. David says:

    You MUST also set the minimum value or it wont work at all, it will just ignore your changes. Also, you may want to put the minimum value only about 2 gigs less than the max value because i have seen and heard others complain that it just stays around the minimum value. I hope this helps some.

  5. Marc says:

    In SBS2011 (with Exchange Server 2010), memory never exceeds minimum setting, regardless of max setting. This is a bug in Windows. Min and Max should be set to the same value or it just won’t work.

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