SBS 2011 Server not updating and WSUS not installing.

Quick note: WSUS was uninstalled for troubleshooting purposes sometime ago. After fixing whatever caused me to uninstall WSUS (don’t ask, don’t remember, just something to do with network connectivity, new server install and some other conflicting IP on network), I couldn’t reinstall WSUS. Time passed and I noticed that the Windows Updates stopped working as well. Finally got some spare time to track this one down.

Windows update kept giving error 80072EFD – network connectivity message. Microsoft articles didn’t help. The referenced network connection, firewall, AV, host file and Internet security trusted site fixes, but none of those worked.

Quick search on Google found a site that had the exact same issue, although not quite the same failure way. Root of his cause was the same, WSUS was pointing the Windows Update back to itself thus causing the error and apparent network connection issues. (Duh – Windows Update couldn’t find Microsoft Update Servers in my systems!)

So what to do.

Remove the invalid entry in the registry for the mis-pointing URL reference.

Navigate to HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate and notice the entries: “WUServer”=”http://BrokenServer:8530″ & “WUStatusServer”=”http://BrokenServer:8530″.

These tell Windows Update where to find the latest updates. Obviously if WSUS isn’t running on your server, it’s not going to have it.

Solution was to remove the entire key “WindowsUpdate” key from the registry at HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows.

Make sure you backup the key just in case.

Once that’s done, restart the Windows Update Service within the services mmc.
Now try to get the updates. If everything else is good to go, then updates will process and install.

Thanks to Daniel Ihonvbere for this fix. Saved me time today. Here’s his article that I found.

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22 Responses to SBS 2011 Server not updating and WSUS not installing.

  1. rodney T says:

    I searched on this subject from Google. and found that this article was the most helpful, informative, and easy to follow. I had the thing up and running in minutes. Thanks!

  2. rader says:

    Glad to be of help. Took me a while to find the necessary information too, thus the blog.
    Like to pass the info when I can.


  3. Thank you for that post. I was banging my head against the wall as how to reinstall WSUS. After deleting the registry key and restarting the service, I was able to go back into server roles and select Add Role and reinstall WSUS.

  4. rader says:

    No problem. Figured one head on the wall was enough, so I posted it for all to see.

  5. Pro Backup says:

    Thanks for writing this article. It helped is to solve a “Windows update error 80072EFD”. Where while migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011, the new SBS 2011 kept pointing to the old SBS 2003 server. Finally exported the entire key “WindowsUpdate” key from the registry at HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows and removed that branch.

  6. Jasper says:

    I got the 8024400E error but applied the solution presented and it worked like charm!
    Thank you!

  7. JJR70 says:

    I had uninstalled a corrupt WSUS last year and our LabTech agents should have taken over the role but the servers were hung up on these registry keys. This worked like a charm. Thank you!

  8. Brad Slamans says:

    Thanks for posting this – just had to remove a corrupted WSUS install and couldn’t figure out how to get updates working on server after removal. This did the job – thanks again!

  9. Great topic! Keep on the good work!

  10. Greg says:

    Nice fix, thanks for sharing.

  11. Alon S. says:

    Thank you very much for sharing that fix!
    Works great :)

  12. Luis D says:

    After much troubleshooting this worked for me. Thank you!!!

  13. Athankful StRanger says:

    I had the exact same problem. Updates on Clients didn’t work, some files were missing.
    wsusutil reset ran for 3 weeks straight with 50% cpu consumption without any result…
    Then I decided to re-install WSUS, but that wasn’t possible due to update error.
    Windows update returned this error, and here I am, wondering if maybe WSUS didn’t function in the first place, because the domain group policy was falsely applied to the SBS2011?
    Anyone knows if WSUS uses the server specified in that reg key? Or does it connect to a fixed server?
    Anyways, you saved my afternoon. Many Thanks!

  14. Dave says:

    Thank you, quick and easy fix.
    (pretty dumb that you have to do it, but hey)

  15. I have installed and manage about 40 servers for different customers. About a dozen are SBS2008 and SBS2011 servers. WSUS did not work correctly on all, and I have successfully reconfigured them and their clients to get MS updates from Microsoft, rather than WSUS. All SBS servers and clients are getting updates from Microsoft just fine. ONE of these SBS2011 servers will not get updates. I have followed a number of steps and procedures with no success. I have plenty of experience, but need help with this one. If I thought I could call Microsoft support, speak with somebody whose English I could understand, and not get burned for a $500 single incident charge, I would have already gone that route. Anybody have any ideas?

  16. Thank you! Up and running in no time!

  17. DKbae says:

    Thank you for this. you save my entire time to fix my problem. THUMBS UP!!! already did like tons of stuff just to find resolution, but with this!!! it just worked like a charm. THANK YOU!!!

  18. rader says:

    No problem.
    FYI – Something else I’ve seen recently is that the settings on the client’s will somehow reappear. The entire key will repopulate and cause the same issues. I haven’t tracked down why yet, but I suspect the server 2011 SBS is pushing out a GPO setting that is recreating the key.
    Only seen it once on another clients site, but all the workstations had the key there and couldn’t get updates again.

  19. volker tron says:

    Thank you for this. you save my entire time to fix my problem. THUMBS UP!!! already did like tons of stuff just to find resolution, but with this!!! it just worked like a charm. THANK YOU!!!

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  21. Amanda Edmunds says:

    Use Microsoft’s Windows Update Troubleshooter.

    So BITS and Windows Update service both are running but still the same error bugs you. This Shows that there must be issue with these services. Thankfully Microsoft has their very own Troubleshooter that may come to the rescue. Just Follow these steps:
    Download Windows Update Troubleshooter. here
    Double Click on WindowsUpdateDiagnostic file you just downloaded.
    Now Click on Next and let it do its work.
    After completing these steps, try to check for a Windows Update again. In case the problem persists, proceed to this website

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